The red bull cape fear contest was held today in Botany Bay, Australia. It was the last day of the official waiting period and finally we got some waves, not the 10-12 foot everyone was hoping for, but solid 4-6 foot sets over one of the worlds deadliest reefs. With the likes of Shane Dorian, Bruce Irons, Jamie Obrien and Ian Walsh among the big names from the U.S competing there was never going to be a dull momen. With Ryan Hipwood triumphant over Hawaiian Obrien in the opening battle, it set things up for the locals with Mark Matthews, Richie Vas, Koby Abberton, Jesse Pollock and Kirk Flintoff all claiming titles. Laurie Towner and Dean Morrison where the other winners making it an all Aussie clen sweep over the U.S and Hawaiians. Hope next year sees some bigger swell! Thanks to all the event organisers for putting together this great event.

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