The history of the kick scooters is quite interesting. Since kids have great imaginations that are uninhibited by doubt, they can create just about anything to keep themselves occupied with fun. The first kick scooterss were invented by taking roller skate wheels and attaching them to a small plank of wood.

The aluminium scooterss of today are virtually quiet. They have polyurethane wheels and the only sound you might hear are the screams of fun or wind resistance from your clothing unlike the metal wheels of yesteryear.

They have a hollow tube for the steering shaft and soft handle grips to keep the riders hands from slipping off. Many of them fold up and can be placed in a backpack for safe keeping.

They don't take up as much space as a bicycle and if you have to take yours with you it doesn't invade anybody else's space either.

The latest tricks and techniques the kids of today are doing on these amazing little things is quite amazing. I’m sure you will notice them next time you go past your local skatepark..

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