WeThePeople is going to be hosting a large-scale, international jam series this month. Their few low-key jams from last year did so well that they decided to expand in a big way. Things will be kicking off in Australia, continuing on to France and Canada, then ending in the UK. There will be a street jam, park jam, and various shop stops along the way. Check out the full flyer for details and destinations. The #RideEverything World Series is part of WETHEPEOPLES on-going commitment to growing and developing BMX all over the world. We all grew up riding parks and on the streets and the only way to get young dudes and dudettes stoked on riding BMX is to have it kicking off in their home town. With the help of some of our distributors we are holding events all across the Month of September. Things kick off in Australia at GAP skatepark on the 14th of September, and the same day there’s a street jam in Lyon in France. The following weekend it’s Canada’s turn as Montreal plays host to a street jam featuring Dillon Lloyd and friends. The following weekend Mike Curley, Jason Phelan and Pete Sawyer head up a shop tour around the south of England.

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