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Real Name: Tom Gerrard
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Location: Rockdale, 2216
Facebook: /inmotionaeronautics
Description: Aerial Filming for xtremeconnect members - We use a DJI Phantom UAV and GoPro Hero 3 - Black Edition, auto-stabilised by a professional 2 axis brushless motor gimbal by RotorPixel. The HERO3 can capture Ultra-wide, Medium and Narrow fields-of-view. 12 megapixel stills at 30fps 4K Cinema Film mode – though it is limited to 15fps. 1440p video at 48fps 1080p video at 60fps 720p video at 120fps DVD Quality Slow Motion Mode at 240fps. No more expensive helicopter, crane/jib or dolly hire. Q. What are the benefits of using a multi-rotor? A. They can go almost anywhere! Multi-rotor technology has the same benefits as helicopter photography, however costs a lot less and can get as close as 3 metres to the action. They are a quiet, precise and low-budget option to create aerial photography and video. Contact

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