XTREME CONNECT...Why Ride Alone?!

The Extreme Connect website’s primary purpose is just that, connecting anyone who is interested in an extreme sport with each other across the nation and across the globe. Creating a network of enthusiasts to share their love of the sport and participate together. Why ride alone when you can stay connected with Xtreme Connect!

Taking the virtual into the physical, every day people that would normally ride alone can now invite other people to join their every day sessions. No matter the skill level Xtreme Connect provides everyone with the opportunity to connect with like minded people. It is a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences across a plethora of extreme sporting activities, engaging the seasoned player whilst inviting novices to safely try the activities on offer.

Xtreme Connect is the first true network of Extreme Sports on the internet, connecting all extreme sports under one umbrella and providing the most up to date news and information to its users. From the biggest events to the most obscure get togethers, Xtreme Connect aims to cover it all, providing exposure to events that would otherwise go unnoticed and enabling wide ranging communication and awareness of happenings within the culture, whilst feeding and nourishing the culture itself. Through the formation of new friendships, groups and opportunities across the various extreme sports on the website, Xtreme Connect opens up what have traditionally been close knit sporting communities, to everyone.

Xtreme connect is driven by its communities, run by the people for the people. Whether an experienced advocate or a complete novice this website is for everyone.


Connect Event Facility

The key feature to the Xtreme Connect website and it’s point of difference in the online world of extreme sports is it’s Connect Event facility whereby users can create their own event and invite other interested participants in their area to participate. For example Chris might post a Connect Event that he is going surfing at McMasters Beach at 3pm, anyone in the area can then express their interest in attending his event through the website and all of a sudden rather than Chris surfing alone he has a crew of new and interesting people to join him on his rides. The same can be done for almost any sport and the events posted can be as small or large as people want them to be. They can even specify how many people they are looking to have join and the skill level they are at or looking for and close the event once spaces have filled. It allows people to connect on both a virtual and real level and enables a mix of abilities to come together. The scope is endless.

Other Key Features of the Xtreme Connect Website:


Xtreme Connect will embrace and inform extreme sports enthusiasts across the globe whilst providing a domestic focus for Australian users. The whole point of the website is connectivity and through the beauty of the internet this could be anyone, anywhere. From people connecting to share the sport they love in a local community to the traveller who hooks up for a ride in different cities with different people, through Xtreme Connect it doesn’t matter where you are or where you are going because you are always connected to someone who shares your interest. People can plan entire trips based around their love of their sport through this website whilst creating regular get togethers at home...It’s everywhere and it’s AWESOME!

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